The last landmine casualty was only 2 hours ago. How many steps did you take in that time? Imagine if each of those steps were taken not knowing if when you placed your foot down you would face life, death or dismemberment. It’s a terrifying way to walk through life and a harsh reality faced by innocent people and communities around the globe each day.

Atrocities created by indiscriminate weapons are solvable in our lifetime. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Take the next step. Take it today. Take it right now.

Standing still is not an option. It’s time for you to make a move.

Learn more about some simple acts that you can do to make a world of difference:

  • Raise funds. Your support helps us implement programs here in Canada and around the world, and moves us closer to our goals – the eradication of landmines and cluster bombs from our world. Host a Bomb Appetit! Dinner party or choose one of the many other ways to raise funds and give to MAC including signing up to our monthly donor program online!

One step after another. Let’s keep moving forward. Take the next steps:  LEARNGIVE.

Real change for good is within reach. It takes just one step. Make it yours. Make it today.

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